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July 2016

The Deacons developed this partial list of volunteer outreach programs to our congregation. Most are appropriate for individuals, families or young people. These are ongoing needs of the church but our lists of willing workers have dwindled. Please look over the list and find something you would like to try. Call the church office at (507) 387-2160, email 1stpresb@hickorytech.net, or speak to any of the Deacons listed below.

Flower Delivery

Bring the Sunday flowers to someone who needs a day brightener.  The name and address along with a bulletin or card are in the kitchenette each Sunday.

Provide Flowers

A sign-up list is on the bulletin board in the narthex.  The current cost is $10.

Lay Reader

Read the scripture lesson during the Sunday worship service.  A sign-up list is on the bulletin board in the narthex.  The information will be sent and you speak to the pastor before the service.  Try it and you may find it to be easier than you think.

Sunday Coffee Hosts

The custodian makes the coffee and picks up the treats.  You serve coffee, juice and donut holes and run the cups through the dishwasher.  This is a good family activity and makes you popular with the entire congregation.

Sunday Greeters

Elders serve as greeters but additional friendly faces are always welcome.

Nursery Attendants / Children’s Church Leaders / Sunday School Teachers –

Assistance is needed during the worship service or Sunday school time.  Speak to Deb Kienholz.

Garden Maintenance

Our beautiful memorial garden and foundation plantings need weeding and pruning.

Speak to Judy Koenen to see what seasonal work is needed.

Sunday Morning Drivers

We offer rides for members and friends to attend worship service.  Speak to Dave Stinocher to get your name on the schedule.


Greet the congregation with a friendly smile and a bulletin and be available to assist individuals who may need a little extra help and collect the offering.  As an extra incentive … you get to ring the church bell.  Ushers serve for one month during the year and children often assist a parent.

Assistance to get into or out of the building

Be available at the door near the chapel to assist people in or out of cars, through the door and to the elevator.  This is especially important during winter months when snow and ice make the sidewalk treacherous.

Thank you from the Board of Deacons:  April Austin, Gail Cutler, Sally Erdahl, Sherry Folsom-Meek, Susan Hahn, Barbara Hanson, Rallah Madison, Karen Nelson, Dean Otto, Becca Rader, Marcia Richards, Jeanne Steiner


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