Dear Church,
The call to ministry was coined a long time ago as an “odd and wondrous calling.” I don’t think there have ever been truer words for the way the Church is working in the world today. About a year ago, we were closing portions of our building because of ice dams, and we were getting creative with how we loved and served and responded to the needs of the world. It’s a new year, but it’s the same call, and we are having to be creative as a Church to the needs in our community. Things will look different for now, and here is what we are doing at FPC, and what you can do to continue to love and serve one another and our community:
  • The First Presbyterian Church building is CLOSED until further notice. Our staff are doing a deep clean of the building, and all in-person meetings (church and non-church) and worship are cancelled. Please do not come to the building for any reason. Call, and staff will check messages daily, and respond to needs of the community.
  • Scripture readings and sermons, moments of worship, Christian education moments, and music for reflection and prayer will be made available online by Facebook Live and also on our website. For anyone who does not have the technology to be connected in this way, please call the church and we will be glad to mail you resources for continued community connection, learning, and prayer.
  • Like” and follow FPC on Facebook. Click here for instructions. 
  • Continue to give to the church. While the building might be closed, all the hands and feet are still busy doing what the church does best. Our staff are continuing to do the work of the church to feed you spiritually and to have the church ready to go as soon as we are in the clear. You can give online here and mail will continue to be checked and processed daily. 
  • Committee meetings can happen virtually. I have a ZOOM account (web-based conferencing) and am happy to help set up meetings for what needs to continue to happen for the work of the church. Please let me know how I can assist you.
  • Expand your prayer practice. Hold in prayer those who are suffering, those who are doing the caregiving, those who are struggling with mental health, those who are the sources of levity and relief, and everyone in between. We will send you different ways to pray – out loud, online, in color, in movement, and in the quiet of your heart. Take this season to pray creatively and unceasingly! 
While a lot of things must change for the foreseeable future and a lot of things remain unknown, let us be reminded by our Teacher in the gospel of Matthew that we cannot add even one hour to our lives by worrying…
“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, 
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.” 

~ Matthew 6:34 

I will keep you posted as more develops, and you know how to reach me during these days ahead. I’d love to talk with you.

Peace be yours, dear ones, 
Pastor Lindsay