Beloved, remember you are dust… 

Ash Wednesday is a service of worship on the first day of Lent. During the service, we come forward and are marked with ashes to be reminded of these things: 

  • In the beginning, God loved the world and made us from the dust. The mark reminds us that we are made from God’s own imagination and so very loved. 
  • Ashes are a sign of death and dying. In the end, we believe God is with us and welcomes us into God’s embrace. From dust God made us, and to dust we will return. No matter what, we belong to God. 
  • The mark of ashes is also a sign of repentance. We remember that we are never as loving as God calls us to be and that we make mistakes. As we are marked with ashes we remember to be sorry. As we are marked with the sign of the cross, we remember that Jesus forgives us and never leaves us. 
  • As people loved and made from the dust for God’s work in the world, we also remember that this season is a time for us to care for the others made from dust that God loves – the poor, the outcast, the lonely, and the prisoner. As we are loved and forgiven, God calls us to love and serve all God’s people with our money, time, and talent. 

So, join the Church Universal tonight, Wednesday, March 6 at 6pm in the Sanctuary for a brief service of scripture, reflection, imposition of ashes, and song. And remember all these things as you are marked with the sign of the cross and hear the words, “Beloved, remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”