Good Evening, FPC Children, Youth, and Families!

Please note that this will be my LAST QuarantinEmail. We are transitioning into our next season, and Lindsay and I have a lot of exciting things planned! Keep watching our Facebook Page for more fun with my puppet friends, stories, and more, and we’ll keep you posted on all of our upcoming adventures. 

Also, keep an eye out for more information regarding Compassion Camp, a virtual and intergenerational curriculum for our entire congregation to engage with. Compassion Camp will run for five Sundays, from July 5 through August 2, and you can participate as much or as little as you are able!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week’s activities:

Something to READ
Click here for this week’s story about Jesus healing two blind men. I encourage you to try some of the suggested discussions/activities described after the story! 

Something to VIEW
Click here to view this week’s special Zoom edition of “Sunday Morning Story Time with Bailey & Friends,” during which I read Brian the Brave by Paul Stewart and Jane Porter (with the help of my puppet friends!).

Grief Resource: I also recorded a reading of Cry, Heart, But Never Break by Glenn Ringtved for any children who are experiencing grief and loss. You can access this video any time here.

Something to COLOR
Click here to download and print coloring pages for children based on the ministry of Jesus.

Click here to download and print coloring pages and reflections for teens and adults to meditate upon during the seventh week of Easter (provided by our friends at Illustrated Ministry).

Something to DO
We will be celebrating Pentecost this upcoming Sunday, a celebration of the day the Christian church was born. One of the ways we celebrate is by speaking multiple languages, just as the Apostles did when the Holy Spirit filled them. This represents God’s ability to speak to ALL people, and it allows us to connect with more of our neighbors!

Based on this, can you and your family teach yourselves to say some of these words or phrases in other languages? 
“Thank you”

Can you learn how to say these words in Spanish? How about Somali? Hmong? Try Google Translate to help. If you want to dive deeper into foreign language development, check out great resources like Babbel and Duolingo!

Note: Need a Pentecost refresher? Click here for a great summarization from PBS entitled, “Pentecost is this Sunday. What the heck is Pentecost?”

As always, feel free to send me any photos you have of your family participating in these or any other fun quarantine activities, and I will feature them on our Facebook Page! You can also send questions, comments, concerns, or feedback my way at any time.

All the best,