RE: Committee Meetings on Campus

As of July 1, 2020, Session approved limited committee meetings taking place in the FPC building. The recommendation is to remain with ZOOM/online meetings when possible and only do necessary business at the church.

*The following rules MUST be followed:

  • Meetings of 10 or less is still the rule for groups coming into the church.

  • All meetings must be scheduled through the church office.

  • Meetings will take place in the multipurpose room (old bell choir room).

  • One person from each team must be designated to wipe down the room before

    and after the event. Items to be cleaned include tables, chairs, door handles, light switches, and/or any surface that may have been touched during the meeting. Cleaning supplies will be available in the room.

  • On arrival, participants are required to use hand sanitizer.

  • Masks must be worn while in the building.

  • Social distancing must be implemented during the meeting.

  • Participants are asked to stay in the multipurpose room and bathroom and not

    enter other parts of the building unless absolutely necessary (e.g.

    Properties/maintenance). Please limit one person in a bathroom at a time.

  • One person from each team must be designated to maintain an online access (e.g. ZOOM) for whomever from the committee is not comfortable meeting in the church

    at this time.

  • One person from each team must submit a list of all people who gathered to the

    church office immediately following the meeting.

  • No food or drink may be brought in or shared during the meeting.

  • Meetings must conclude within an hour.

    *Guidelines based on CDC recommendations for Communities of Faith.