Dear Church,
It’s hard to believe the middle of summer is upon us! I hope the storms have not caused you too much trouble, the sunshine has brought you joy, and the warm days have helped you appreciate the cold days that will come. I also hope you have had some time to rest, to take good care of you and yours, and find yourself renewed. All these hopes are wrapped up in our Compassion Camp theme of the week: Compassion for Myself.

With all the change in the world and in our church and community, new regulations and information every day, and continued political warring, it is so very important for us to remember that we are only good at responding in Christian service if we are also taking care of our hearts and bodies and spirits. God even rested on the seventh day, and Jesus retreated often to rest and pray. So we must follow their example and share a little love for our bodies and spirits that are keeping us going these crazy days.

So, spend this weekend and the week ahead doing something good for your soul. You’ll see more ideas about how to do that below. I’ll be making my way from driveway to driveway, because it is good for my soul to see you. If I haven’t made it to you yet, let me know if you’d like a visit! I’d love to see you! 

Peace be yours,
Pastor Lindsay

Daily Examen
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COMPASSION IN ACTION: Caring for ourselves involves listening to our hearts, paying attention to our needs, and loving our unique selves. This is how we have compassion for ourselves. One tangible way to do this is by pursuing joy! This week make or do something for yourself that will bring a smile to your face, warm your heart, and make you feel loved. Here are some ideas:

  • Bake a batch of your favorite cookies.
  • Spend some time drawing or painting. 
  • Read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie. 
  • Get a plant or flower for your room. 
  • Make a tie blanket.  
The amazing thing is that these are also wonderful things to share with others! Loving yourself well can lead to loving and caring for others in easy ways.

THANK YOU to everyone who attended last Sunday’s Drive-Thru Sunday Sundae Social! We had a blast seeing SO many friendly faces. Click HERE to watch KEYC News Now’s coverage of the event!

The work of the church continues during this time – and a virus cannot even stop us! Make sure you are mailing in your pledge, in gratitude for all we have and all we are, by God’s grace. Online donations are easy and secure, and special gifts are ALWAYS welcome – it’s how we continue to love and serve our people and neighbors in need, maintain our building, appreciate our staff, and more.

All businesses (including churches) are required to have a protocol for this strange season of COVID-19. With a big thanks to Lynnette, we have a working protocol, and it can be viewed HERE. Note, committees can now meet in the church, but there are some rules and regulations we must follow to keep everyone safe. Click HERE for the guidelines. Call the church office with any questions or to set up a meeting. Most importantly, be kind, be well, and be safe.

Remember to join us LIVE each Sunday at for worship with Pastor Lindsay at 10:00 am, Puppet Story Time with Bailey at 10:20 am and Music with Ben at 10:30 am. If you are unable to watch live, you can always access recordings of all of the above at