Dear Church,

It is our LAST WEEK of Compassion Camp! That means it is the story of Jubilee…the forgiving of debts, the resting of the earth, and the celebration of God’s people. It is time for us to give some big THANK YOU’S as well:

  • Thanks to Deb Kienholz, Marcia Richards, Mary Topp, and Sally Coomes for helping to feed the puppets and crew helping to make Compassion Camp happen!
  • Thanks to Brett, Nancy, and Mark Zallek, Nick DeVetter, Martin Jacaruso, and Elizabeth Prouty who all made appearances as our dearest puppeteers!
  • Thanks to Nora Henry, Naomi Lopez, Deb Kienholz, Jordyn Vihstadt, Kelly McBride, Julia and Larissa Fette, Carla Chesley, Sheree Pam, Garry Fay, Erin Oberle, Katelyn Prahm, and Duane Rader for their thoughtful and creative cameo appearances throughout Compassion Camp!
  • Thanks to Laura Peterson and Martin Jacaruso and the Living Earth Center for helping us learn how to grow food and care for the earth (coming up in our last Compassion Camp episode this Sunday!).
  • Thanks to Elizabeth Prouty for being the camera handler and a beautiful voice added to our weekly songs, AND the cultivator and deliverer of Compassion Packs to our families!
  • Thanks to Martin Jacaruso for learning and leading all of our Compassion Camp music these five weeks.
  • Thanks to the VBS team for sharing decorations and praying over this newfangled way of doing inter-generational church.
  • Thanks to the Christian Growth & Development team for their love and support.

And as always, we cannot be successful without our fabulous staff. Lynnette got out the e-blast, coordinated the ins and outs of everything else going on at the church during recordings, and mailed materials every week for everyone to participate, and Bailey gathered talent for each episode, put together hours of video, and was largely the creativity and brains behind the operation!

We hope you were inspired, delighted, entertained, and charged up with compassion these weeks of Compassion Camp, and we can’t wait to see what happens next as our hearts are grown and challenged with compassion. Go into your weekend celebrating, because God is doing amazing things in each of our hearts, and here at First Presbyterian Church.

Peace be yours,
Pastor Lindsay

Daily Examen
Colorable Prayer Page

COMPASSION IN ACTION: There are so many ways to understand and show compassion.
As we have learned throughout Compassion Camp, we begin by seeing and welcoming. We need to be brave and trust God. It also means caring for and loving ourselves so we can trust our voices! All of this helps us be present with each other along the way as we follow God’s lead. When we cultivate all these seeds of compassion, we become open to seeing the wideness and goodness of all God’s creation! We show compassion to the the earth as a way of rejoicing in God’s abundance and knowing there is enough.

Our Compassion in Action challenge this week is to connect to the provision of the land. Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Plant some seeds or plants native to our area and watch them grow!
  • Go meat-free for three days.
  • Learn about water systems.
  • Learn about composting and make a compost bin for your kitchen.
  • Re-purpose old clothing to make new things, like a reusable bag from an old t-shirt.
  • Learn about the ecosystem in your backyard or neighborhood.
  • Make a “turn off the lights” challenge with your family to save energy.

The work of the church continues during this time – and a virus cannot even stop us! Make sure you are mailing in your pledge, in gratitude for all we have and all we are, by God’s grace. Online donations are easy and secure, and special gifts are ALWAYS welcome – it’s how we continue to love and serve our people and neighbors in need, maintain our building, appreciate our staff, and more.

All businesses (including churches) are required to have a protocol for this strange season of COVID-19. With a big thanks to Lynnette, we have a working protocol, and it can be viewed HERE. Note, committees can now meet in the church, but there are some rules and regulations we must follow to keep everyone safe. Click HERE for the guidelines. Call the church office with any questions or to set up a meeting. Most importantly, be kind, be well, and be safe.

Remember to join us LIVE each Sunday at for worship with Pastor Lindsay at 10:00 am, Puppet Story Time with Bailey at 10:20 am and Music with Ben at 10:30 am. If you are unable to watch live, you can always access recordings of all of the above at