Dear Church,
We hope you enjoyed Week #1 of Compassion Camp – a time of learning together how to be more gentle with our neighbors, our family, our world, and ourselves. I am having a blast working with the puppet brigade, Bailey, our intern Elizabeth, and the team here as we navigate these weeks of cultivating compassion. We hope you are joining in on the fun with us! Don’t forget to check out info below on our “Compassion in Action” challenges for you this week!

In other news, excitement is still the word of the day at FPC. Here’s the big stuff this week:

  • We are welcoming to our staff Brenda Liebhard-Johnson – our new Church Accountant! Brenda hails from Le Sueur, and is well versed in church accounting. We are so glad to have her join our team. Make sure you welcome her as you send in your pledge money, donation gifts, and more!
  • Our new organ is being installed! A big thank you to Don McGinness, Rick Kramlinger, electricians, the organ company, Ben Marti, and all who are involved with the process of getting this beautiful new instrument settled in. Stay tuned for a special concert or virtual event from Ben as soon as the organ is all squared away in its new space!
  • COME SEE US THIS SUNDAY! Bailey and I will be at the church for a Drive-by Sundae Social from 4 – 6 pm! Come right in through the parking lot and pick up ice cream or an ice pop, say hello, and you can even drop off your church donation if you’ve been meaning to! Swing around and take a colorful fun photo at the God Doors with your family too. Tell your friends to follow you to FPC, and we’ll be glad to see you all for a moment!
Check our more info below, and we’ll look forward to seeing you here and there soon! 

Peace be yours,
Pastor Lindsay

Daily Examen
Colorable Prayer Page

COMPASSION IN ACTION: This is compassion: “I feel your hurt with you, and I help to ease your hurt.” This week, write a letter of encouragement to someone in our community AND/OR mail them a “kindness hug!” (See below.)
You can write a letter and give it to someone at your local grocery store; or you can mail a letter to an older adult in our congregation, someone who is incarcerated, or medical workers at a hospital. If you’re not sure who to write to, here are some groups of people in need of extra encouragement right now:

  • Grocery store workers are considered essential workers and are working especially hard to make sure people can safely shop for food for their families.
  • Health care workers put their lives on the line each day to care for those who are sick and need medical assistance.
  • People in prison feel even more trapped because they can’t go anywhere to escape possibly getting COVID-19.
  • Older adults are more at-risk of getting sick, but in order to maintain their health, they have to be isolated from family and friends.
  • Some of our elected officials are working to make our communities safe, but they still need encouragement to work on making things better for essential workers, the incarcerated, the elderly, and others.
  • Who else can you write to? Many of these people are scared or lonely. We can be brave with them. We can show that we are with them. And, we can give them a loving word of encouragement so they feel God’s presence.
Print off this blank stationery and get started!

Kindness Hug:

Spreading kindness and showing compassion calls us to be brave. Think about someone you know who might need a spark of happiness in their lives because they are going through a hard time. Snail mail a hug to a neighbor, distant family member, or a friend from school!

Materials: Paper, Scissors, Crayons/Markers/etc., String. Tape, Envelope
Directions: Trace your right hand on a piece of paper, then trace your left hand on a piece of paper. Decorate your traced hands with coloring utensils. Cut out each hand. Cut a piece of string/yarn as long as you want the “hug” to be. Tape one end of the string/yarn to one hand cut-out. Repeat for the other. Write a small card telling the recipient they are receiving a “Kindness Hug,” and put it in the mail!

Mary Jane Peterson’s Mom, Eleanor Hutchinson, died Monday. A memorial service will be held at a later date. Let us hold Mary Jane and family in prayer during this time of grief – clinging to the promise of Christ who is the first, and the last, and the living one who goes before us to prepare a place. 

The work of the church continues during this time – and a virus cannot even stop us! Make sure you are mailing in your pledge, in gratitude for all we have and all we are, by God’s grace. Online donations are easy and secure, and special gifts are ALWAYS welcome – it’s how we continue to love and serve our people and neighbors in need, maintain our building, appreciate our staff, and more.

Pastor Lindsay is gearing up for stewardship season with the Stewardship Team – and we’re looking for new members to help out! In this strange season, many hands will make light and creative work! Are you excited about what we are doing here at FPC? Help us share the story and discover with our dear members how to creatively give of our gifts to make this church continue to be a beacon of hope and help and home for Mankato and beyond! Let Pastor Lindsay know if you are willing to serve with her and the team!

All businesses (including churches) are required to have a protocol for this strange season of COVID-19. With a big thanks to Lynnette, we have a working protocol, and it can be viewed HERE. Note, committees can now meet in the church, but there are some rules and regulations we must follow to keep everyone safe. Click HERE for the guidelines. Call the church office with any questions or to set up a meeting. Most importantly, be kind, be well, and be safe.

Remember to join us LIVE each Sunday at for worship with Pastor Lindsay at 10:00 am, Puppet Story Time with Bailey at 10:20 am and Music with Ben at 10:30 am. If you are unable to watch live, you can always access recordings of all of the above at