Dear Church,
As this hits your mailbox, we are officially welcoming OCTOBER! We’ve made it through another month of pandemic, y’all! AND with a new month comes a new sermon series! Join me each Sunday in October while we ask the question:  What would Jesus’ platform be if he were running for president? We are acknowledging and exploring the political nature of Jesus as he shook things up everywhere he went, challenged the authorities of his time, and gave us some direction for how our hearts and minds can continue to align with his platform in this day and age. Each Sunday there will be a ZOOM talk-back after worship service (see the information below) and I hope you will join me to dig deeper, ask questions, and BE the church together in this politically charged season.

Before we get to Sunday, though, First Fridays is kicking off TOMORROW at noon with Ciaran O’Connor from Braver Angels, a nonprofit that helps people talk across partisan lines with kindness and compassion leading up to and beyond the election. I hope you’ll join us for in their important work to help us learn language and practices to open our hearts up to one another through really tough issues.


It’s all hard work, but it’s holy work too, and Jesus is calling us into it this weekend as we grab our bread and juice and join him at the table on this World Communion Sunday! Can’t wait to worship with you (virtually) on Sunday!
Peace be yours,
Pastor Lindsay

Please mark your calendar and plan to participate in our annual Congregational Meeting. These are scheduled every fall to elect officers to serve as Elders and Deacons. We are being creative in this season and will mail ballots in the October Communicator. You will cast your vote by bringing your ballot to the Soul Food & Stewardship Drive Thru October 11 between 4 – 6 pm. Ballots are coming in your Communicator next week!

It’s not too late to order your “church merch!” You can personalize and order shirts, hats, masks, and mugs whenever you want HERE. Contact Bailey with any questions, 

National Adult Day Services Week was recognized September 20-26. Call VINE Faith in Action if you are interested in learning about its innovative program for those with progressive illnesses. Adult day programs can reduce social isolation and provide a needed break for caregivers. Call Mary W. at 507-386-5577 for more information.

Remember to join us each Sunday at for worship opportunities with Lindsay, Ben, Bailey and special friends at 10 am! If you are unable to watch live, you can always access recordings of all of the above at

JESUS FOR PRESIDENT – Sermon Talk-back with Pastor Lindsay
For the month of October, we are taking time to acknowledge the political nature of the life and witness of Jesus, and what that tells us as people responding faithfully in the world now. Join Pastor Lindsay in wondering, if Jesus was running for president, what’s his platform? What is closest to the heart of God, and how does that shape us as faithful people in the politics, love, and justice of our days? Each Sunday after worship, Pastor Lindsay will host a “talk-back” for those who would like to ask questions and dig deeper at 11 am via ZOOM.

Link to join us is HERE
Meeting ID: 834 5604 8874
Password: 526931

The Peace & Global Witness Offering encourages the church to cast off anxiety and fear, discord and division, and embrace our God’s mission of reconciliation to those around the corner and around the world. Gifts to this campaign enables the church to promote the Peace of Christ by addressing systems of conflict and injustice across the world. For more information, or if you would like to give to this annual PCUSA offering, follow the link HERE or write a check to the church with the subject line, “Peace & Global Witness.”