Dear Church,
Are you still smiling behind your masks from seeing so many beloved church members last Sunday?! I know I am! GOODNESS, I am blown away by your generosity to keep the ministry happening here strong, your love for the church and each other, and the extra and abundant helping of love you poured on me for Pastor Appreciation Month.

So, this week all I have is gratitude for you! We’ve received 70 pledges and we officially elected our new officers for next year. Our bellies are full, thanks to Greg of TNT Eats (and our youth helpers). Our ears are full, thanks to Ben and his jazz trio for joining us and sharing their musical gifts. AND our hearts are full, thanks to all of you for showing up with love and distant hugs and news from your lives to share. If this past weekend is any indication of how things are looking for the life of First Presbyterian Church here in Mankato, I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us in the year to come! 

Click HERE to see more photos from Soul Food & Stewardship, and be sure to check below for important announcements and information, AND don’t forget to tune in for worship on Sunday as we continue our “Jesus for President” series!

Peace be yours,
Pastor Lindsay


  • Sheree Palm is recovering from foot surgery and was also diagnosed with breast cancer. While keeping her in your prayers, meal delivery would also be helpful. You can sign up HERE to help out and volunteer to bring them (she and George and Logan) a meal.
  • Chuck Rowen was hospitalized this week, but hopes to be going home in the next day or two. 
  • Al Schoon was hospitalized last weekend and is now in rehab at Hillcrest. Please keep him and Muriel in your prayers for healing, and as they determine Al’s best path of care.
Sunday, November 1, is All Saints Sunday. At the beginning of the service, we will call upon the saints. We will name the ones we love that we have lost in the past year, and this has been a tough year for so many. It is important for us to take that time to grieve, to celebrate their witness, and to gather them into this important moment of worship. Reply to this email with the names of loved ones you have lost this year, or send an email to Pastor Lindsay with the names,
Many of you saw some people sporting “Church Merch” last weekend and wanted to take part! You can personalize and order shirts, hats, masks, and mugs whenever you want HERE. Contact Bailey with any questions, 
Remember to join us each Sunday at for worship at 10 am! If you are unable to watch live, you can always access recordings of all of the above at

JESUS FOR PRESIDENT – Sermon Talk-back with Pastor Lindsay
For the month of October, we are taking time to acknowledge the political nature of the life and witness of Jesus, and what that tells us as people responding faithfully in the world now. Join Pastor Lindsay in wondering, if Jesus was running for president, what’s his platform? What is closest to the heart of God, and how does that shape us as faithful people in the politics, love, and justice of our days? Each Sunday after worship, Pastor Lindsay will host a “talk-back” for those who would like to ask questions and dig deeper at 11 am via ZOOM.

Link to join us is HERE
Meeting ID: 834 5604 8874
Password: 526931